Price list

If you have a long turn coperation to offer, please contact us for a quote.

Service name Price
(without VAT)
Domain registry software license (Domeeniregistri tarkvara litsents) 18000 €/month
Domain Registrar software license (Registripidaja tarkvara litsents) 12450 €/month
Domain Registrant software license (Registreerija tarkvara litsents) 12750 €/month
Business software hosting and administration, Ruby on Rails, Linux 2820 €/month/server
Application Error Monitoring 234 €/month/server
Business data encrypted backups 114 €/month/server
Monitoring and management of log files 55 €/month/server
Business requirement analysis 140 €/hour
Business software development 120 €/hour
IT security audit or security related tasks 160 €/hour

Fast work or work that needs to be done asap as a client order is 2 times the hourly cost.

Fast work done outside of Estonia working hours is 1.5 times the hourly cost.

Works that must be performed as a client order on holidays or a state holiday in the Republic of Estonia at 2 times the hourly rate.

* All prices are without Estonia VAT.